About Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd (199301019778)

Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd (199301019778) is the market leader and No. 1 Company in providing estate planning services specialized in Professional Will-Writing services in Malaysia. Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd is a member of Rockwills International Group.

Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd was launched on 23 August 1995. The pioneer in the region to provide retail Trust, Will-Writing and Will Custody Services. Its core business is providing Professional Will-Writing, Will Custody and Trust Services from Rockwills Trustee Berhad through the appointment of Professional Estate Planner based on a franchise format. To-date, we have more than 5500 registered Estate Planner under Rockwills with a record of 250,000 Wills written.

In recent years, with the financial market moving towards total financial planning which requires professional estate planning services, Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd has formed strategic alliances with many big corporations to provide Professional Will-Writing and Trust services to their clientele.

Rockwills have strategic alliances with a few banks and insurance companies.

About Rockwills Trustee Berhad (200501026798)

Rockwills Trustee Berhad is a Trust Corporation incorporated in Malaysia and registered under the Trust Companies Act 1949. Rockwills Trustee Berhad being a member of the Rockwills International Group, is an associate company of Rockwills Corporation Sdn. Bhd. To-date, Rockwills Trustee Berhad has more than 70,000 Executor/Trustee appointments; set up 10,000 private trusts. Total assets under trust worth RM25 billion.

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Rockwills Business Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (200301023833)

Rockwills Business Solutions Sdn Bhd (RBS) is a member of the Rockwills International Group, the specialists in Professional Estate Planning. RBS is set up to service the needs of financial planners/sales intermediaries in the fast changing world of financial services by linking them to more financial products and support services.

Rockwills Business Solutions provides related financial products and services are as follows:-

  • Bereavement Care Services
  • Insurance Brokerage Services
  • Islamic Estate Planning
  • Legal Advisory Services
  • Offshore Corporate Services
  • Professional Will Writing Services
  • Tax Planning, Accounting & Company Secretarial Services
  • Trustee Services

PreceptsGroup International (previously knows as Rockwills Singapore Group of Companies)

PreceptsGroup International is an established full-fledged estate and succession planning service provider, covering wills, trusts, estate administration, corporate services and education. Headquartered in Singapore and as a pioneer in providing estate and succession planning services in the region now provides comprehensive planning and solutions for wealth distribution, wealth succession, estate administration for families and businesses.


Our Reputation

The Rockwills Group of Companies has operations throughout Malaysia, providing solutions and support services in the areas of succession, management and distribution of wealth.

Rockwills started in year 1995 and is the pioneer in the region to provide retail professional Will-writing and Will custody services. Rockwills is licensed, to carry on trust business and its services include acting as trustee of many family trusts and the executorship of estates. Other services include the provision of comprehensive estate planning advice and administration of offshore companies.

It is by far the largest professional estate planning company in the region, having written more than 250,000 Wills and holding over RM25 billion worth of assets under trust. To date, the Group has trained more than Rockwills estate planners, Rockwills Will-writers, financial planners and agents. The core business of the Group are introduced through a network of some 5500 Rockwills Estate Planners both in Malaysia and Singapore.

Our Dedicated Governance Structure

Besides being governed under two enactments, namely, the Trustee Act 1949 and the Trust Companies Act 1949, we are supervised by the Companies Commission (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia or SSM) in respect of administration, by the Securities Commission (SC) in respect of the giving of advice and by Bank Negara (BNM) in respect of anti-money laundering matters (AMLA). We also have our own governance structure, set out below. You will note, unlike others, this is dedicated just for our own operations and not as a part of a group function.

Board Of Directors
5 Independent Director
4 Non-Executive Director
Board Of Directors
3 Independent Director
3 Non-Executive Director
External Auditors External Auditors
Internal Auditors Internal Auditors
Audit Committee Audit Committee
Risk & Compliance Committee Risk & Compliance Committee
Risk & Compliance Officers Risk & Compliance Officers
Investment Committee*
Operations Committee **

* Oversees investment management & performance
** Reviews trust & operational issues



Tailored made Wills with unique features and the inclusion of Testamentary Trust(s) to provide solutions to protect, preserve, control and distribute your assets and your loved ones.

Using our unique will-writing system and personalized service, your Will is tailored made to suit every situation you are in. Most time, a simple Will is not sufficient to protect, preserve and control your assets as the simple Will merely involves in the distribution of your assets only, appropriate estate planning tools is needed to ensure your Will is functional.

Rockwills has experience and fulltime in-house legal advisors to support and check all Wills together with the special security bar coded Will with security stamp will minimize fraud or tampering.

In drafting Wills, we draw from our experience to avoid practical problems that may be encountered in future in estate administration, such as getting the right asset details etc.


A Will is the best way to ensure that your instructions for the well-being of your family are carried out when you are no longer around. But writing a Will is only half of the story. The other half is keeping it in a secure place. Some people hide their Will so well it is as good as lost! Most people would keep it in a bank safe deposit box which will be frozen when one dies.

Where is the best place to keep a Will where it is known to family and yet confidentiality is maintained and can be found when the need arises in many years to come?

It is the Rockwills Custody Centre at Wisma Rockwills, Kuala Lumpur!

The unique Rockwills Will Custody Service provides and ensures:-
  • No tampering and confidentiality preserved.
  • Safe from calamities such as fire and flood.
  • Free from accidental or deliberate destruction.
  • Controlled access with special Custody Identification Cards.
  • Certain to be found when need arises with Rockwills unique retrieval system.
  • Annual reminder.
  • Personal Asset Inventory Booklet (PAIB).
  • Lifetime discount for rewriting your Will.


As a Corporate Trustee governed under Trustee Act 1949 and the Trust Companies Act 1949, we provide:-


With more than 30 years of combined experience in management within the Rockwills International Group, our clients are assured of expertise in all aspects of our operations.


Our services are carried out professionally under the Law. Rockwills Trustee Berhad is governed under the Trustee Act 1949 and the Trust Companies Act 1949, we provide:-


As an experienced and professionally managed company, Rockwills Trustee Berhad’s independence is the NO. 1 strength for our clients to benefit. Rockwills Trustee Berhad acts impartially and fairly for all beneficiaries. This safeguards their individual interests in the Will and Trust.


Unlike individuals who may be affected by critical illness, death or who may cause delay, as a Corporate Trustee, Rockwills Trustee Berhad is not affected by any of such factors and thus has perpetual existence to provide continuity in carrying out all the terms in the Will and Trust.


With the experience and independence, Rockwills Trustee Berhad continuously improve and introduce comprehensive services within Rockwills' range of personalized professional services catering to the customers’ needs.


Legal Knowledge of various legal issues ?
Professionalism, Expertise and Experience
Perpetuity and Continuity in administering the estate
Time to manage and administer the entire estate
Impartiality and Security ?
Trustworthiness and Accountability ?
Professional management skills
Professional indemnity
Convenience ?



DESPITE Rockwills has to date written over 250,000 Wills and it is estimated that as high as 90 percent of the eligible Malaysian who have not written their Wills. Compared to 60% who do not have life insurance in the country.

A local newspaper reported recently that there were RM70 billion unclaimed assets. As you can see, there is a huge market that remains untapped. So if you have passion, persuasive skills, love to deal with people issues and are willing to learn, join us. We are in a noble profession that has been dedicated to help families with inheritance issues for many years.

Nowadays, every type of business is changing and become uncertain due to the evolution of IT, estate planning is a new uptapped business; a ‘sunrise’ business with huge potential for income and is always considered as a noble business to help others.

When you become a Rockwills Will Writer/Professional Estate Planner under the brand name of “Rockwills”, YOU:

  1. Have a reputable company behind you. Rockwills is No. 1 in estate planning in Malaysia.
  2. Have is a vast untapped market awaiting you to earn big immediate income and huge deferred income (from estate administration fees from Rockwills Trustee Bhd on your clients whom appointed Rockwills Trustee Berhad as their executor/trustee that passed on in the future).
  3. Will have a comprehensive training and support that will ensure you are professionally trained and knowledgeable in Will, trusts and estate administration.
  4. Only need a low initial investment to start your business.
  5. Enjoy flexibility in your working hour.
  6. Can enjoy annual overseas incentive trips.
  7. Can be promoted to Senior Professional Estate Planner and enjoy 2 - tiers overriding benefits/commission.
  8. Be Your Own BOSS and achieve your GOAL & DREAM!


There is no specific qualification, as long as you can read, write in English or Chinese or other languages you are able to join us.

No, you do not. You merely gather all the relevant information necessary in his/her Will on a Will-Writing Information form (WWIF) and send it to PSC or legal Department. PSC or Legal Department will draft the Will for you.

Yes, you can. Will-Writing is a business that do not need “Hard selling”, the correct and effective way is to share your knowledge in Will-Writing instead and clients who need your service will look for you.

Through advertisements in newspapers, flyers distribution, road shows at Malls or public area, giving Will talk at office and homes etc. These are some effective ways to promote Will-Writing services.

The income is commission based. Thus, the more cases closed and submitted, the more will be the commission income payable. Furthermore, there is deferred income for the franchise holder in the future if clients under the franchise licence who appointed Rockwills Trustee Berhad as their Executor/Trustee later passed on.

Briefly, some of the advantages and benefits to associate with us are:-

  • You receive personal attention in your business.
  • With a Service Centre (PSC) supporting your business, you will learn more as you deal personally with the PSC.
  • Our PSC can draft your urgent Will immediately should need arises. Thus, you provide better service to your clients.
  • With more than 10 years experience in Will-Writing, we have good exposure in this business, able to share, assist you in all aspects of your business.
  • Everyone needs and looking for an experience mentor!
  • Only specialized in Will and Trust, do not have other business like insurance, unit trust etc. Fulltime in Will-Writing for the past 10 years!
  • Preparation of Will normally via e-mailing, thus, saving travelling time and cost to and fro Wisma Rockwills. Making you more efficient and cost effective.
  • Assist in all your marketing activities e.g. be your speaker, form group advertisement, road shows etc.
  • We are one of the few most consistent annual awards winning Senior Franchisee in Rockwills. Always join the best people or group in any industry!
  • We have an established operations system to assist you. A good operations system is crucial in any successful business!


" Call Rockwills Service Centre today, Protect your family and leave a legacy of love and care. "

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