• You wish to ensure that the amount of money you wish to give to your loved ones is enough once you have passed on.
  • You wish to ensure that the amount is enough to cover your child’s education fees.
  • You wish to protect your loved ones from being affected by the future high living costs.
  • You want to be sure there are enough funds to maintain yourself in the future.

The Solution

The answer is to create an Investment Trust with Rockwills Trustee Berhad. Through an Investment Trust, the asset which you have entrusted to us shall be invested via an approved asset management company to generate an income for the continual cash flow for you, your loved ones and even future generations.

How An Investment Trust Helps You

  • In the event any unforeseen incidents happened to you, the investment trust can ensure there is continuous cash flow for your maintenance and your loved ones.
  • The income from your investments can be utilized for your maintenance thus, prevent/reduce any substantial depletion of funds from the Trust Fund due to increase in costs, unexpected expenditure for the needs of your loved ones and etc.
  • As an investment tool to pass your wealth to your loved ones.
  • The income generated from the Investment Trust is not subjected to any claims from the creditors of your estate. Thus, your loved ones will still be protected and well taken care off.


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